Q: How much is shipping?

A: All US orders over $25 include FREE tracked first class USPS shipping.  All US orders under $25 will be charged $3.99 for tracked first class shipping.  If your order contains nail care items such as cuticle oil, glass nail file, quick mani kit, base/top coat, or nail remover clips, tracked shipping in a bubble mailer is required.  For international orders, shipping will be based on the order amount, as a higher order will require more international postage.  This will range from $2.40 (2 international stamps) to $9.60 (8 international stamps). Beginning November 8th-December 31st 2021, all orders will be required to have tracking.  The holidays are going to be extra busy, so that protection is for the buyer and PRN. 

 Q: Are Pink Raindrop Nails safe?

A: Yes! Pink Raindrop Nails non toxic and are 10 FREE. 

Q: How long do Pink Raindrop Nails last?

A: On average, the Budget sets ($1) last 3-5 days. These are perfect if you like to change your mani very often, or you need something for a special event like a wedding. The classic sets ($3) last 7-12 days. The Deluxe sets ($4)  last 10-14 days. These are just averages, and the strips will last different amounts of time for every person. It will depend on how hard you are on your nails, if you apply a top coat, and how the strips were applied.